Sunday, 8 February 2009

My Weak Spot = HAIRBANDS !

Yes every girl has there weak spot in fashion, for some its shoes (^some women have up to two wardrobes filled with shoes)!!!! for some its bags (^yes a new chloe every season)!!!!! for some its even sunglasses(^a new pair every spring is essential- the fashion changes)!!!!!! but my truly random weak spot is "hairbands".
I have long layered chessnut coloured hair, and I love to wear it up in a pony (to school), or left naturally (no straightening) down with one of my treasured hairbands.
My favourite hairbands:
I have a gorgeous purple ribbon through chain headband - that can be worn for fancy or casual!
I also have a stunning synthetic hair braid hairband- that i like to wear for school (I always get compliments on it)! 

I HOPE YOU LIKE THEM....... whats your way of expressing your style- comment below! x


  1. thanks! i'm glad you like it!
    maybe follow mine? :) haha

  2. yes I have a THOUSAND headbands already LOVE IT